Brandon Lee born on February 1st 1965 and is the son of the Legend Bruce Lee. And of course, since the day he could walk Bruce had him starting in Martial Arts. He had troubles with school, but he had martial art skills and realized he had an acting ability so he went to school for that part of his life and followed in his dads footsteps. He got his first shot in the Move "Kung Fu: The Movie". Then got a role in "Long zai jiang hu" he hit a movie or 2 then got a co-starring role in "Showdown in Little Tokyo" in which he showcased his skills and proved he had potential. He then followed that up with "Rapid Fire" and showed again that he had skills as expected but had acting skills too. In 1994, "The Crow" came out which proved that he had some versatility in his acting and that he was on his way to being a star. Unfortunately, he died on March 31st in 1993 in one of the final scenes for the Crow. He was getting signed up by everyone when this happened. He had signed deals with different companies for new movies. He was in talks for Rapid fire 2. He was casted as Johnny Cage for Mortal Kombat. Probably more for he now proved that he would be a star. He studied Muay Thai, Jeet Kune Do, and Yee Chuen Tao.

How did Brandon die and why? Well, unfortunately, he followed in his fathers footsteps too much and died in a contraversial way and long before his time should be up. In one of the final scenes for "the Crow", a scene where he got shot, but never done for the actual movie release, a tip from a piece of a blank bullet shot out and hit him in the abdomen and got lodged into his spleen. The doctors tried for 5 hours, but he was pronounced dead at 1:04 p.m. The official cause for this was negligence. The guns weren't properly checked to make sure msitakes didn't happen. He should of been wearing body armor like in many movies where guns are used. Of course the rumors immediately start up. One that he was killed for sticking ot the American film industry so the Chinese film industry wasn't happy. His father, Bruce Lee, of course died in an unexplained death and was said to be murdered and for like 1000 different reasons(rumors). The main one was the Mafia killed Bruce and Brandond Lee was killed because he knew too much of his fathers death or had some sort of proof. People were able to add to this reason based on some recent trips to hong kong that brandon had prior ot his death. I can't confirm that he did go to Hong Kong though, I have seen no proof. So the question is accident or murder? Is there a bigger conspiracy at hand or was it some potheads that didn't check the equipment right? well, there is a 3rd option. Bruce Lee was said to be cursed for moving into a house that was said to be haunted. When he and Linda lee moved to Hong Kong again, they movedinto a house that was said to be haunted and cursed for the previous owners ran into some unbelievable monetary issues. Well... A father and son dies at age 33 and 28. One died in unusual and highly unlikely way and another was killed in an unexplained way. Both big time actors with skills in their prime and way before their time. I would like to see the odds on that in Vegas. Sorry, but the odds are better that it's a curse or a conspiracy rather than both being accidents of some sort. Wether it's mafia, film industry or what, just seems more likely that it was on purpose than both of them to die the way they did. Call me a believer or whatever, but I just put 2 and 2 together and play the odds. You put together what you want, but it's all going to be a big mystery unless some crazy new evidence comes to light.

Well, no matter what you believe, Brandon showed that he was going to be a huge star. He showed all the tools with having martial art skills, being in great shape, versatility in acting, being a pretty boy and showing he got into a character by losing weight to seem more like a dead man for his role in The Crow. He died before his time and could of really had a great career and giving us a list of movies to run down. He will be missed deeply by martial arts fans and action movie fans around the world.


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